Oxy Dekora

Icon of a minimalistic and squared design, OXY DEKORA collection from Daniel Rubinetterie supports an extremely essential project, creating a precise and elegant design. The decorative style designed for OXY DEKORA Collection customizes the taps using the different contrasts of finishes combined with the POP-ART decoration: a collection of letters and numbers that are ideal to accentuate the modernity and originality of every furnishing project. The DEKORA decoration process is handcrafted, patented and carried out within Daniel Rubinetterie plants. Each decorated piece is unique since it is the outcome of an artisan work and, for this reason, even more valuable.



Spültisch-Wand-Einhandbatterie mit schwenkbarem Auslauf


Wand Waschtischeinhandbatterie OXY, mit rechtwinkliger Platte in Messing Chrom und Quadrat Auslauf cm 24


Wanneneinhandbatterie mit Shlauch und Handbrause in Messing-Chrom

A345 495 YL84

Brausegarnitur alle in Messing Chrom mit Handbrause in Messing-Chrom


Ablaufgarnitur "click-clack" ohne Überlauf, 1''1/4


Ablaufgarnitur "click-clack" mit Überlauf, 1''1/4


Flaschensiphon in Messing Chrom, mit rechteckige Rosette in Messing Chrom, 1''1/4, Rohr cm 30


Artikel OX23611Z mit Stand-brause A240, Brausekopf A590 und Hand-brause A495 alle in Messing