Smart ECO

SMART ECO combines its simplicity of design with the ECO PROGRAM, including in the standard forniture the ENERGY SAVING cartridge to limit accidental requests for hot water when the lever is parallel to the mixer’s mouth. SMART ECO collection is also equipped with a water-saving aerator with a flow limitation of 8 liters per minute. The series can be integrated, on demand, with the other ECO options on the catalogue (ANTISCALDING and WATER SAVING DYNAMIC). The series is equipped with ceramic cartridge Ø 35 mm.



Spültisch-Einhandbatterie unterfenster mit höhem schwenkbarem Auslauf, luxus Modell. Umweltfreundlich FINISH-OPTIONEN


Single-lever sink mixer 45° with high movable spout.


Spultisch-Einhandbatterie 90° mit schwenkbarem Kurz «U» Auslauf - energy/water saving (8 l/m standard); antiscalding...


Spültisch-einhandbatterie 90° hohem schwenkbarem «U» Auslauf, energy/water saving (8 l/m standard); antiscalding und...