BUILT-IN BOX by Daniel Rubinetterie is an item specifically designed for the construction sites needs. Compared with the traditional built-in mixer with diverter, the boxes allow to embed a neutral walled part that is compatible with all the different series of Daniel Rubinetterie.

Every box has been specially designed to set all our mixers collections with: A) thermostatic cartridge B) 40 mm cartridge C) 35 mm cartridge

During construction works you only need to define the BOX model basing on the number of water outlets required in your project.

Installations can be completed at a later time with the complementary parts of the faucet Collection chosen by Your Customers..

A versatile, practical and functional solution that speeds up construction, renovation and maintenance interventions and that offers to Your Customers the added value of customization, without impacting on time planning.

box incasso daniel rubinetterie

BUILT-IN BOX by Daniel Rubinetterie by Daniel Rubinetterie are available in 4 versions:

_cod. DANBOX (BUILT-IN BOX FOR BATH AND SHOWER MIXER) to manage all the bathtub / shower combinations that require 1 (or none) deviation.




Daniel Rubinetterie built-in box and all of its components are entirely produced in Italy using the finest materials and high-tech production technologies. The raw material used for Daniel buil-in box cover, in high density, has been specially selected to be practical to cutting, long-lasting, protective and safe and give further noise insulation. Thanks to the slim thickness of the DAN BOX, it is possible to also install it in wooden walls and/or drywalls. The product is always inspectionable in time.