Daniel Rubinetterie enhances its range of sensor technology solutions dedicated to public environments.

The entire collection of infrared sensor faucets and accessories stands out for its elegance and high performance.

The elegance of the lines is guaranteed by the careful design study that is the basis of each design development.

The benefits of using a tap with sensor technology are many:

  • Control of water consumption
  • Highest level of hygiene in public areas
  • Maximum level of hygiene in frequently used areas
  • No contact with the faucet surface
  • Anti-vandal functions

Infrared sensor taps by Daniel Rubinetterie can be powered either by current or by batteries (depending on the model) to adapt to any electrical system.

It is also possible to choose between single-water models, with direct mixing or with under-basin pre-mixing.

The design and production of each sensor solution for the washbasin are carried out entirely in Italy by the engineers and technicians of Daniel Rubinetterie, with the latest generation of automated and robotic machinery.

Each item is a small jewel of design and construction technology.

The electronic components are also produced in Italy by the Company S.T.S.R.

When you choose a sensor tap for basin by Daniel Rubinetterie, you are focusing on a product studied, conceived and created with the best Made in Italy resources.


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